Windows 10 – SMTP Outgoing mail fix

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Windows 10 – SMTP Outgoing mail fix

Not everything is graphics and web related within a Design Agency. There is often a lot of ‘tech’ infrastructure that comes in to play when dealing with hosting, domains, databases etc…One of the most problematic sides of this are email accounts. So many users, devices and upgrades…Endless!

It goes without saying, our email accounts are a key element to our business’s so when they stop working this is when we have to step in and save the day.

The masses are now upgrading to Windows 10 with some having a smooth transition and some having a complete meltdown. When upgrading you will see everything stays in place (files and programs) however, that is not always the case.

Some of our clients have been experiencing problems without outgoing mail (Outlook). We looked in to this in-depth and found it was down to the machine not the account. We did find a quick fix that we would like to share with you.

That being …………….drum roll………………….sfc /scannow

System File Check

Basically this little fella scans your Windows 10 set up files, corrects any misplaced files and essentially fixes itself. (If only life was that easy!) But more importantly it fixes the files that may be effecting your smtp outgoing mail.

So if Windows 10 smtp outgoing mail problems has stopped working this maybe the fix for you. It certainly was for most of our clients.

Follow the video for instructions on how to run sfc /scannow. It really is easy and takes around 2 minutes to get you started.

Enjoy and happy emailing.